RV Industries, Inc.

RV Industries represents the following outstanding principals who are leading manufacturers of coconut products to the world market.

Fiesta Brands, Inc.

Fiesta Brands Inc. (FBI), established in 1986, operates in the town of Medina, in southern Philippines. Located well outside the destructive Pacific typhoon belt and within the coconut rich island of Mindanao, Fiesta produces the whole range of desiccated coconut and other value-added products, such as sweetened and toasted coconut. >>

Fresh Fruit Ingredients, Inc.

Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. (FFII) commenced its operations in 1991. The company operates the very first UHT aseptic processing plant to be utilized in the coconut industry. It was also in the FFII Medina plant where spray-dried coconut milk in powder form was first developed. Today, FFII produces a wide variety of other specialty coconut items such as creamed coconut, reduced fat coconut, coconut juice, sweetened coconut cream, etc. >>

Product Applications

This entire range of coconut products is well suited to the manufacture of such food items as ice cream, breakfast cereals, granolas, confectionery products, sauces, beverages, etc. as well as for home cooking. Here are a few suggested applications. >>