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Coconut Water

Product Information

RVI's Coconut Water is the liquid from inside the fresh coconut, processed using advanced UHT-technology to preserve the refreshing quality and flavor of natural coconut water. It makes a delicious, thirst-quenching drink and can be used as a juice base for beverages where it is mixed with other fruit flavors.

RVI's Coconut Water is also a good source of potassium and is caffeine-free, making it a better alternative to other beverages and thirst quenchers.

Coconut WaterPackaging and Sizes

200-kg aseptic bag in steel drum
25-kg aseptic bag in double walled corrugated carton
250 ml: 27 tetra bricks in a master carton

Shelf category for retail sizes

Ideally, Fiesta Coconut Water is placed in any of the following sections: fruit juices, energy drink, supermarket/grocery chiller.

Shipping Information

  200-kg bag in drum 25-kg bag-in-box 27 x 250 ml
Carbon dimension, in mm 886 x 571 294 x 263 x 492 406 x 206 x 121
Cubic meter   0.0380 0.0101
Gross weight 219.5 kgs 26.5 kgs 7.5 kgs
Net weight 200.0 kgs 25.0 kgs 6.75 kgs
Load Capacity, 1 x 20' 72 drums 720 cartons 2,600 cartons

Storage and Handling

Fiesta Coconut Water should be stored under normal room temperature of 28C to 32C. When consumed direct from the tetra brik, it is best served chilled. Shelf life is twelve (12) months when unopened.

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