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Creamed Coconut

Product Information

RVI's Creamed Coconut (also called Coconut Paste or Creamed Desiccated Coconut) is unsweetened desiccated coconut finely processed to semi-solid or shortening-like consistency. It is primarily used in confectionery items, sauces and other similar applications where fiber and textured mouthfeel is desired. This product has an intense coconut flavor with viscosity that can be adjusted by adding water.

Creamed Coconut Packaging and Sizes

25-kg special liner in a double-walled corrugated carton
(can also be made available in 45-lb plastic pails)

Shipping Information

  25-kg special liner in box
Carton dimension, in mm 275 x 231 x 403
Cubic meter 0.0256
Gross weight 26.5 kgs
Net weight 25.0 kgs
Load Capacity, 1 x 20' 720

Storage and Handling

Fiesta Creamed Coconut should be stored in a clean, cool and dry place under normal room temperature of 28C to 32C. It hardens upon exposure to low temperature but returns to a shortening-like consistency when re-exposed to warmer temperature (28C to 36C). Shelf life is twelve (12) months when unopened.

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