RV Industries, Inc.

A Global Team

RV Industries' position in the markets that it serves is greatly enhanced by its direct affiliation with two of the largest coconut manufacturing companies in the Philippines: Fiesta Brands Inc and Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. Aside from RVIís own production facility in Atlanta, both of these companies have extensive manufacturing facilities which are dedicated to fully support RVIís programs to deliver consistent high quality to its customers, provide uninterrupted supply of products and assure timely delivery of all committed orders. RVI is thus part of a truly global team, committed to attaining excellence in its undertakings and focused on providing only the highest level of service to RVIís customer base.

Uniquely Dependable Service

Over the years, RVIís global team has grown to more than 1,800 members, with a greatly expanded production capacity that ensures uninterrupted growth in the years to come. Today, the Red V brand has become more than just a quality product. Customers continue to patronize this brand because of the uniquely dependable level of service they experience. More and more prestigious consumer brand manufacturers in the world market are now relying on Red V as their brand of choice.

To assure consistent high levels of quality and customer service, the whole global team has attained a high level of performance in the following key operating areas:

Diversified Technologies

The factory site in the Philippines contains the most diversified coconut production lines in that country today. This plant has acquired expertise in the many, varied processing technologies now being utilized there such as product blanching, continuous apron-type drying, fluid bed drying, product blending, toasting, spray drying, creaming, UHT processing, and aseptic industrial and retail packaging. The factory site in Atlanta has likewise expanded and modernized its production lines recently. All of these technologies are being utilized to provide the highly diversified line of coconut products being distributed by RVI.

Process research and development work continues to be undertaken to acquire new or improve on current production technologies, which may be appropriate in the manufacture of current and future products.

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Efficient Raw Material Procurement

A reality in the worldwide coconut industry today is that a companyís supply capacity is not determined by its installed plant capacity but its capacity to procure all the raw material it requires on a consistent and regular basis. Raw material procurement is thus the most critical part of plant operations and its capacity to buy is often the key limiting factor in production operations.

Realizing this, the Philippine plant assures dependability of its raw material procurement operations by focusing on:

  • Nurturing and maintaining key supplier relationships: more than 10,000 loyal farmers and dealers supply the plant today. Strong local culture and regular personal contact play a large part in nurturing these relationships, some of which go back 25 years.
  • Physical logistics: More than half a million nuts are procured on a daily basis. This volume of purchase poses a massive physical logistics challenge. To minimize supply uncertainties, a network of buying stations in strategic locations has been established, which are efficiently linked to the plant by a company-owned and operated fleet of trucks. The entire supply network of the plant is located outside the highly disruptive Pacific typhoon belt.
  • Computer-based tracking of procurement operations: The plant has designed and installed a unique computerized system of tracking all procurement transactions. With this system, supply trends are immediately detected and corrective action promptly undertaken to arrest developing supply downtrends in any part of its network.

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Established Quality Assurance Systems

The Philippine plant operates a fully equipped physical, chemical and microbiological laboratory, which conducts all required quality control tests. Laboratory operations are complemented by a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), which fully computerizes tracking of laboratory results and enhances the operation of statistical sampling and process quality control systems. The Atlanta site uses an accredited outside laboratory to perform sampling tests. Both Atlanta and Philippine production sites employ fully developed HACCP and GMP systems.

High achievement in third party quality audits conducted on both sites attests to the high level of quality control and management that have been attained. The Atlanta plant is audited yearly by the American Institute of Baking. Last yearís audit awarded this plant a SUPERIOR rating. The Philippine plantís HACCP and GMP systems have been likewise audited and certified by SGS. In addition, a BRC (British Retail Consortium) audit has resulted in accreditation of the plant to its BRC Global Standard with a Higher Level Rating, the only coconut plant in the world to have attained this standard. The BRC Global Standard is a highly regarded accreditation system in Europe.

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Information Technology Utilization

In order to manage the complexity of its worldwide business activities, the global team utilizes a high level of information technology in its operations. An Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) has been acquired and implemented in both its Philippine and Atlanta operations which fully integrates all financial, manufacturing, marketing and physical distribution databases. The integration provides such benefits as: efficient recording of all company-wide transactions, planning and close coordination of production and shipping activities, monitoring of outstanding orders to ensure timely order completion and shipment, management of inventories in real-time and dispatch of inventories on FIFO basis, complete product traceability from raw material used to finished products shipped, etc.

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Distribution Chain Logistics

Critical to meeting customersí special packing and shipment conditions, and safe, timely delivery of goods is a well coordinated distribution logistics system. To achieve this, the Philippine site maintains a 70,000 sqf fully racked and palletized storage facility, with loading docks, a computer-based inventory tracking system, and a company-owned truck hauling system. Yearly contracts with 2 world class shipping lines ensure precise weekly loading schedules of laden ocean containers directly from the plant to the international port, located only 2 hours from the plant site. Similarly, RVI maintains its own large warehousing facility in its Atlanta site, where it is able to attend closely to customersí special packing and loading requirements, something difficult to do from a public warehousing facility. RVI employs carefully selected truckers to ensure prompt and safe delivery of goods directly to each customerís door. A well established logistics system is a key feature in maintaining RVIís capability to deliver its commitments safely and on time from a distant plant site to the customersí door.

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