RV Industries,


Red V. Not only a brand known for high quality, but also the oldest name in coconut. The Red V brand dates back to the 1870's, born out of the pioneering efforts of the Vavasseur family from England who invented the desiccating process and the resulting product. Over the years, the distribution of Red V has spread throughout the world, finding its way to all the major industrial food markets in Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

Today, RV Industries, Inc. (RVI) is the exclusive distributor of
Red V brand desiccated, sweetened and toasted coconuts, produced by its affiliate company in the Philippines, Fiesta Brands, Inc., covering markets in North, Central and South America. It also distributes exclusively other coconut products produced by its other Philippine affiliate, Fresh Fruit Ingredients, Inc., such as UHT coconut milk and coconut water, creamed coconut in paste and spray-dried powder form, and reduced fat desiccated coconut.

Recently, RVI, operating out of its distribution facilities in Atlanta, Georgia has extended its capability to source other food ingredients and snack items from various Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Thailand.